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The Boulle Mining Group (“BMG”) is a division of the Jean Boulle Group which over the years has developed some of the largest mineral resources projects in the world. BMG knows first-hand that responsible exploration and development of mineral deposits improves the lives of the people and benefits the countries where it operates by providing jobs, economic development and revenue for advancing the welfare of the general population. Successful mineral production is not enough. Mineral development is only truly successful when it benefits the people in the country in which it occurs.

Boulle®'s insight:

Boulle Titanium, Ltd., a member of the Boulle Mining Group, is the largest shareholder of World Titanium Resources Limited, an Australian Stock Exchange company (ASX:WTR) developing the high-grade Tier-1 Toliara Sands Titanium Project north of Toliara in southwest Madagascar. The first phase of the Project calls for the development of the Ranobe deposit and is projected to produce 400,000 tpa of ilmenite and 43,000tpa of rutile/zircon concentrate per annum over an initial 20 year mine life. This first phase utilises approximately 20% of the 707 million tonnes of JORC Resource defined at Ranobe. The overall THM grade of 6.54% at Ranobe is high for minerals sands deposits standards and the initial Ranobe mine plan focuses on a higher-grade area of 145 million tonnes averaging 8.1% THM, resulting in one of the highest in-situ ore values in the mineral sands sector. The deposit has no overburden and very low slimes (<5%).


World Titanium Resources has a total exploration target of more than 4.7 billion tonnes in the Toliara Sands Exploration permits at Ranobe, Ankililoaka, Basibasy and Morombe, including the 707 million tonne at 6.5% THM JORC Resource at Ranobe.


The company is also exploring for concealed sediment hosted, Zambian Copper Belt Style deposits and breccia hosted lead-zinc-silver deposits in two Namibia Exploration project areas; Otjinene and Otavi.

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The Jean Boulle® Group. The Jean Boulle® Group acquires promising assets and projects, then optimizes their structure, management and development with private and public investment. Where and when relevant on this page, the Boulle® diamonds and jewellery shown are not available for purchase by the retail consumer in the United States.
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